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There is a saying, it is not how Big the house is, but how happy the home is; because home is not a place, but a feeling. It is a feeling of happiness, security, comfort and accomplishment.

Every Kenyan deserves at one point in life to experience this feeling. That ‘point in life’ has never been as timely and affordable as it is now.

At Oligro Group, we believe it is possible for ordinary Kenyans, earning ordinary income to own a home if developers reduce their appetite for huge profits. Land is the single highest cost in construction. In some cases, it is even higher than the construction cost.

To this end, we have identified Mariakani, is a satellite town west of Mombasa City as ideal for affordable housing. This town begun as a stopover town for travellers and truck drivers along the Mombasa-Nairobi highway but has since grown, attracting investors in transport, construction and banking. The fortunes of Mariakani changed from 2017 after the completion of tarmacking of the Mariakani-Kaloleni-Mavueni bypass which serves as a link to Kilifi and onwards to Malindi and Watamu. The town is linked to the SGR line through the Mariakani terminus.

More individuals and families are now preferring buying and building in Mariakani due to the affordability of plots and easy accessibility of construction materials, especially quarry stones from Kilifi.

On 13th March 2021, we launched the construction of our 3 bedroom, semidetached, flat roofed bungalow houses. The show house is scheduled for completion by end of June 2021 and will retail from Ksh. 3.95M. The houses will sit on a 50f x 50f size plot and the owners will be issues with a title deed.

The houses are built to a standard finish and quality, guaranteeing excellent value for your investment.

Besides our ready-made houses, we have a provision for construction of the same to our clients once they have bought their plots.