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Oligro Group Limited is a private limited company incorporated in the Republic of Kenya to offer low budget real estate products primarily targeting the lower and middle income market segments.

The company was conceptualised as a vehicle of choice for the common Mwananchi in pursuit of economic growth and ultimately, financial freedom. Our means to this goal, which is by extension every Kenyan’s dream, is through strategic investments in the rea estate.

At Oligro, we take pride in our mission and duty to steer our clients towards tangible GROWTH by helping them DISCOVER and INVEST in unique opportunities in the real estate that guarantee stable, superior returns.

The founding director, Mr. Patrick N. Mwiti, has had an expansive experience in the field of real estate spanning over 7 years since 2014, and the field of brand strategy and general marketing since 2008. Together with our stakeholders, he brings on board the best brains and valuable experience in steering our vision into success.

Currently, our focus is in Coast region, particularly within locations positioned as emerging markets. Our Bomma Estate Projects, Phase One, Two and Three are all nestled in Mariakani and within close proximity to the Mariakani Town Centre.

Phase One and Two are already sold out. Phase one was launched on 3rd August 2020 and Phase on 9th December same here. The current project, Phase Three, was launched on 4th February 2021.

Going forward, we shall progressively partner with like minded financial institutions and stakeholders of the Kenyan real estate sector to introduce rental bedsitter units and budget bungalow houses priced below Ksh. 4 Million per unit.


The biggest national Government infrastructural developments in the Coast region are currently anchored in the West Coast. This includes Moi International Airport, The SGR Mombasa Terminus and the expansion of the Mombasa-Nairobi highway into a 3 lanes double carriage that begins at Mombasa CBD and terminates at up to Mazeras Town.

Plans are underway to extend dual carriage to past Mariakani Town.

This ongoing and planned developments have led to a surge in demand for land by assembling and manufacturing industries, logistics companies and a host of utility companies and general businesses. In turn, the existing and expected workforce working in this establishments is the driving force for demand of affordable and suitable rentals, making Mariakani Area, 45 minutes’ drive from Mombasa City, an ideal destination for investing in budget friendly rental units and family homes.

Our Bomma Estates are located from  3.2km or 8 minutes’ drive from Mariakani Town in  serene, secure, family friendly neighbourhoods.



Bomma Estate – Phase One is located at Kazhonzo Area, 3.2km or 6 minutes’ drive from Mariakani Town and approx. 500 metres off the Mavueni Bypass tarmac. It is tacked in a serene, secure family friendly neighbourhood.

The project comprises of thirty-five 50 x 100 plots with free hold title deeds. It was launched on 3rd August 2020 with an initial opening offer of Ksh. 295,000 per plot and sold out in January 2021 at a price of Ksh. 385,000 per plot.


Bomma Estate – Phase One is located Kibao Kiche Area, 9km or 12 minutes’ drive from Mariakani Town and approx. 1.2km off the Mavueni Bypass tarmac. It is tacked in a serene, secure family friendly neighbourhood.

It is fashioned as a gated community estate. Water and electricity are on site. The project provides three investment opportunities namely:


There is a saying, it is not how Big the house is, but how happy the home is; because home is not a place, but a feeling. It is a feeling of happiness, security, comfort and accomplishment.

Every Kenyan deserves at one point in life to experience this feeling. That ‘point in life’ has never been as timely and affordable as it is now.